Pig Ears / Pork Ears (First Grade)

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Pig Ears are our most popular treat of all time because of their high qualities. These are first grade ears that are big, thick and dense. Many of our customers always regularlly order 50x or 100x pack when they found out how good they are!!
Pig ears are high in proten and 100% digestable. It also contains soft cartilage that are a great souce of condroitin - great for joints and bone health. The chewing action not only keep your dog happily occupied and satisfied for hours, but also help to strenghten your dog's jaw muscle and clean your dog's teeth in a natural way, removing tartar and decreasing plaque build-up.
All our treats are dried, not baked, fried or smoked. The drying process removes the moisture content but seals in all the natural flavours, nutrients and other goodness of the meat. 
NOTE: Being a natural product, the sizes of each ear varies. To make sure you get what you paid for, we have weighted each package that comes in to our shop. After long term observation, 10x pork ears are equivalent to approximately 350g. If we found 100 ears weights less than this, we will throw in enough additional pork ears FREE of charge to make up 350g. So please shop with confidence.
Pawbox is New Zealand's Largest Online Pet Treat Retailer offering the widest range at the best prices. All natural treats from Pawbox are made in New Zealand with 100% natural meats that are grown and produced right here in New Zealand. All our natural treats are GE Free, have no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives or any other additives whatsoever, Just 100% Natural Treats!